Our Infrastructure

Bringing packaging design to life, is what we do best. We have invested heavily in digital technologies to support our portfolio of conventional equipment. As a result, we’ve created far more flexibility for the customer when it comes to choosing the best technology for your requirements.
Equipment Description
Dieline Creator Esko Artios CAD
Pre press editor (Trap, RIP, Impostion, etc) Esko ArtPro+
3D Visualiser (Cartons & Labels) Esko Studio
Output device Kodak platesetter (thermal CTP) w/PRINECT
Other softwares Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign
Machine Print size Description
Komori Lithrone 20.5 x 27.5 inch 5 colour
Heidelberg Speedmaster (UV) 22.5 x 29.5 inch 6 colour + coater (full & intradeck UV)
Heidelberg 18 x 25 inch 2 colour
Machine Description
Lamination Automatic thermal lamination machines for BOPP Matte/Gloss/Velvet lamination and for Metallised PET films
Aqueous & UV Coater Offline coaters for aqueous varnishes and UV varnishes with full or spot coverage of matte, gloss, satin, and drip off texture
Machine Description
Spot UV Flatbed automated machine for matte, gloss, textured UV finishing
Hot Foil Stamping Automated single cylinder Heidelberg flat-bed foil stamping machine; 3 manual foil stamping machines for short runs
Embossing Multiple manual embossing machines
Machine Description
Auto platen die cutting BOBST flat-bed die cutting machine with inline embossing
Manual die cutting 3 manual die cutting machines
Folder gluers 3 folder gluers capable of pasting tuck-in, crash lock, and cartons with internal fitment
Window patching machine Semi automatic window patching machine for PET films
Sheeter 1 sheeter for conversion of paperboard from reels to sheets
Cutting machines 2 fully programmable cutting machines from Polar
Machine Description
Grooving machine Our machine is capable of providing groove angles from 80-140 to give the box a sharp edge and a smooth finish
Hot glue machine Papers run through the hot glue machine adhere better to the greyboard and lend more stiffness
Corner pasting machine Forming the 4 corners of a rigid box
Roller pressing This machine helps flatten the greyboard after being pasted with the wrapping paper
Box pressing Hydraulic pressing of all sides of the box for a smooth finish
We have label making machines capable of printing on Paper, PP, PE and PVC films. These labels are finished in line with required post press effects, die cutting, slitting & rewinding.